Ilse hair bow

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Ready to turn up the cuteness?! These super soft hair bows are for long haired furry friends as well as pet parents. The perfect addition to our Knut bandana.

Each bow is lovingly handmade with the finest GOTS certified Norwegian Merino wool and comes with a metal alligator clip.

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Hair bows

All hair bows come with a strong 45mm alligator clip at the back. Please note the measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to being lovingly handmade :)
SizeMeasurementRecommended for
X-Small6.5 x 5 cmToy breeds, puppies, cats
Small8.5 x 6 cmSmall and medium breeds
Large10 x 7 cmLarge breeds

*bandana is sold separately

Care Instructions

Merino wool is considered self-cleaning due to its lanolin content (a natural waxy substance that gives the wool its anti-bacterial properties and also helps repel water and stains). Sometimes all you need to do is hang the garment in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.

How to wash
We recommend washing by hand in cold water with gentle pH-neutral soap, such as castile soap or an eco wool detergent. Look for “wool soap with lanolin” on Etsy or in your local store. Squeeze rather than rub to remove stains and dry flat on a towel. Never use fabric softeners, it will damage the merino wool.

In the case of deep creases, please hang the garment in a humid environment (for example in the bathroom while you shower). Alternatively, you can use a steam iron on wool setting (110C/230F).

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