Xmas Limited Edition Set

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Christmas is almost here! Get ready for the festive season by having your doggo looking his/her best while also being kind to our planet ♡ Our Xmas LIMITED EDITION Set includes 1 of each of our very popular Knut bandana and Leo bow tie. Choose your preferred bow tie size and colour, and size of bandana below.

AvocadoAvocadoRoyal RedRoyal RedRoyal Red & AvocadoRoyal Red & Avocado

Knut bandana

Please remember wool is a natural fibre and although the measurements refer to the width and height of the garment, it has a strong element of flexibility.

SizeNeck sizeWidthHeight
XS<25 cm / 10"22-24 cm11-12 cm
S25-38 cm / 10-15"31-33 cm15-16 cm
M37-50 cm / 14-20"39-41 cm19-20 cm
L47-65 cm / 18-25"49-51 cm23-26 cm

Just like all our Knut bandanas, it’s hand-knitted with 100% GOTS certified merino wool. The Leo bow tie is of course also handmade, with 100% recycled cotton, and comes with two cotton loops to easily attach to any collar.

Our model, Chibo (a Chihuahua 2.3 kg/5 lbs), is wearing his Knut bandana in XS and Leo bow tie in S.

Care Instructions

Merino wool is considered self-cleaning due to its lanolin content (a natural waxy substance that gives the wool its anti-bacterial properties and also helps repel water and stains). Sometimes all you need to do is hang the garment in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight.

How to wash
We recommend washing by hand in cold water with gentle pH-neutral soap, such as castile soap or an eco wool detergent. Look for “wool soap with lanolin” on Etsy or in your local store. Squeeze rather than rub to remove stains and dry flat on a towel. Never use fabric softeners, it will damage the merino wool.

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